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APMP-Professional™ Level

This is the senior level of accreditation. The APMP-Professional™ will have the necessary experience to produce winning bids and proposals and will be able to demonstrate their commitment to furthering the profession and to personal continuous professional development.

This level of Accreditation is only open to members of the APMP who have achieved APMP-Practitioner™ level status. 

Assessment process
There are 3 parts to the accreditation at the APMP-Professional™ level:

1. You must provide the name of a reference person to the APMP, (such as your line manager, a peer or a commissioning client) who is prepared to provide an independent assessment of your behavior and attitude.

2. You must provide the APMP with a completed Proposal Profession Impact Paper™ (PPIP)™ providing evidence of how you have furthered your organization or the profession.

3. You must participate in a 45 minute Panel Interview (telephone or face-to-face), where you will present and discuss your PPIP™.

Notification of results
If successful, a Certificate will be sent to you, confirming your achievement of APMP-Professional™ Level within 2-4 weeks of participating in the Panel Interview.

Continuing Professional Development
You will be required to earn CEU credits (Continuing Education Units) to maintain your accreditation.

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